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When Snow the Pasture Sheets

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Joseph Farquharson knew his subjects well. The remarkable success of his pictures rests with the fact they touch people from all walks of life.  His canvases continue to be very popular today, in fact the originals are fetching record sums and their value climbs each year.  Sadly, this has made them the target of art thieves of late.  Farquharson's devotion to his beloved Scotland and attention to detail makes the compositions feel realistic even when the subjects are presented in a very Romantic fashion.  Having been to Scotland I can tell you the beauty expressed in these pictures is not exaggerated.  Being that I too am a shepherd who keeps Scottish Blackface sheep like those who graze so many of Farquharson's compositions, I can tell you he was a genius at capturing the movements and habits of these wild, almost feral sheep.   It is the truth in his art that holds up with time.   Artists like Rosa Bonheur and Sir Edwin Landseer often painted sheep in Scottish settings but they often made them resemble Rambouillets and other breeds from England and France.  Although they were great artists, they did not know their ovine subjects as Joseph Farquharson knew his nor were they native Scots.   Farquharson's love of his native soil jumps from his works.  

A winters Morning

Evenings Last and Sweetest Hour

Leaving the Hills

Highland Raiders

Sheep in the moonlight

Homeward Through the Glistening Snow

The November Sky Grew Red

West with Evening Glows

To Winter Quarters


                                  The Young Wrack Gatherer                                                                                              Sheep in the Snow

Private Collection

Glowed with Tints of Evening Hours
Roy Miles Fine Paintings

The Wild Woods Among

Joseph Farquharson is represented in Tate Art Gallery, National Gallery of Scotland, Scottish National Portrait Gallery ( portrait of ' George Paul Chalmers '), Aberdeen, Bristol, Nottingham, Dundee, Hartlepool, Manchester, Paisley, and Perth Art Galleries.

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Dictionary of Scottish Art & Architecture by Peter J M McEwan

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