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From Margot

Hi there Beth & Mark
Many thanks for your emails. I take it the mark@21emerson.net is one in the same as mark.maxwell@caerlaverock.co.uk could you confirm as if there is a difference, I will resend all the info I have to your mark at emerson.net.
As a snippet, my paternal grandfather, Thomas Nelson, used to work as an accounts clerk for Dixons until he died at the age of 75! and I also remember visiting an elderly great grandmother many times having to walk past the Govan Iron Works as a very small child [i.e. Dixons] before it was demolished to make way for a building project. There is an excellent website that tells you more about Dixons - http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/projects/m74-completion/m74-dig/govan-iron-works
With regards your family burials, it is more likely that there were buried in the Southern Necropolis in the Gorbals area of Glasgow ref http://www.southernnecropolis.com/. I do know that some of the Maxwell family were buried in Rutherglen Cemetery [mine included but who were related to my Delaney side of the family and the Australian side of the family]. Another possibility is the Glasgow Necropolis but this is located over the Clyde to the North side of Glasgow near the Cathedral and I doubt if the Maxwells would have been interned there.
I will also take a look at Mary Lou C. Mariner, Frederick, MDs web pages and see what info this has. Thank you too Mark for the report update I will add to my records and as soon as time permits will update my website but have much to do regarding this with other family names so please forgive me if this wont be for some time.
Very many thanks indeed Mark for the images which will enhance my research.

Yours aye

Msftedit;Archibald Maxwell

Archibald Maxwell was born about 1833, the son of Archibald and Christina [Liddle} Rae Maxwell.
In 1841 he lived with his parents, in a section called Fireworks, Corner of Malta St, #68 West Side of Main St., in Govan, Gorbals Parish, Lanark County, Scotland.  E.D. 6, Lower Ward, page 6
He had three sisters,  and three brothers.
Archibald Maxwell      coalminer     head          54     born in county
Christina                    wife          42     born in county
Agnes Liddle          Cotton Power
Loom Weaver dau          18     born in county
James               coalminer     son          16     born in county
Cornelius          coalminer     son          13     born in county     
Archibald          at home     son           8     born in county
Margaret          at home     dai           5     born in county
William          at home     son           2     born in county
Also enumerated with the family were:
David Dick          coal miner     n/r          20     no
Agnes                         n/r          16     no
Jean                                   3/mos     born in county

Another sister, Anne, had married a man with the last name of Jack and lived elsewhere.  I have not found out his given name yet.
In the 1851 Govan Gorbals Parish census, Archibald was living with his mother, sister Margaret, and brother, William.  They were now on Carter Row, Fireworks.  His father had died between 1841 and 1851.  Archibald was 18 and working as a coalminer, supporting the family along with William, age 12, who worked as a Drawer in a coalmine and Margaret, age 15, a steam loom weaver.  The mother did not work.
Archibald was married 29 December 1854 at Gorbals, Lanark Co. by Rev. Alex McLeon to Margaret Rae, the daughter of Peter and Helen [Jack] Ray.  The bans were published December 10, 1854.  They were members of the Church of Scotland and lived in Hutchesonstown.
Archie and Margaret had a daughter named Helen, born 22 September 1859 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.  This child, age 3,  is listed with her grandparents, Peter and Helen Rae, in the 1861 census for Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland at Stonecraig Row.
LDS Film Number 103864, pg. 8.Archie and Margaret are listed in the 1861 City of Glasgow, Hutchensonton, Govan Parish, District 9, census living at 166 Uries Row:
Archibald Maxwell, head, married, 28, coal miner born Govan, GlasgowMargaret Maxwell, wife, married, 24, Power Loom Weaver, born Govan, GlasgowCatherine Rae, lodger, unmarried, 14, Cotton Weaver, born Govan, Glasgow.
This Catherine Rae is Margaret's sister. I wonder why Archie and Margaret's child, Helen, is enumerated with Peter Rae in this census. Since both of them were working could they have been trying to save money to come to the U.S.? Margaret is never listed as working once she came to the U.S.

Archie and Margaret are listed in the PA 1870 census in Lafayette Twp.,  McKean Co., PA with a 3 year old daughter, named Christina, was born 4 Sept. 1867 in Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland., and a daughter, Janet, born in McKean Co., Pennsylvania, 10 March 1870.  Another daughter, Sarah, was born 5 February 1876 in Gary, Indiana. [Possibly not, in Margaret's obit it says after a short time in PA she moved to Hubbard and lived there for 30 years.  The info on Sarah's death certificate was supplied by her second husband but info in the 1880 census, supplied by her mother says she was born in Indiana.]
Archy's brother, William and his wife, seem to have emigrated at the same time and they are in the 1870 census, Hickory Twp., Mercer Co., PA.  In the 1861 census they lived right down the street from Archie and his family.
The 1872 Youngstown, OH city directory lists an A. Maxwell, a laborer, on Mahoning Avenue. {I have no idea who this man is.] In 1874, in the  Warren, Trumbull Co., OH, Recorder's Office, [Bk 115:389, dated 26 Feb. 1874] there is a recorded deed to an Archie Maxwell but I have since proved this was another A. Maxwell from PA.
Sometime between 1875 and 1877 Archibald died.  [Keep in mind the July 1, 1877 Brookfield OH mine disaster].  Margaret married William Davidson, a miner, on 24 Sept. 1877 and lived in Hubbard with her children, and his mother.  William died in 1891.

Census Place:     Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Source:     FHL Film 1255070  National Archives Film T91070     Page 159C     
Relation     Sex     Marr     Race     Age     Birthplace
William DAVISON     Self     M     M     W     54     SCO
Occ:     Coal Miner     Fa: SCO     Mo: SCO
Margret DAVISON     Wife     F     M     W     44     SCO
Occ:     House Keeping     Fa: SCO     Mo: SCO
Jenett DAVISON     Dau     F     S     W     10     PA
Fa: SCO     Mo: SCO
Sarah DAVISON     Dau     F     S     W     5     IND
Fa: SCO     Mo: SCO
Sarah DAVISON     MotherL     F     W     W     77     SCO
Occ:     At Home     Fa: SCO     Mo: SCO

I found a child named Christina Maxwell, age 11, in the 1880 Mahoning Co. OH census listed with William Raynor, and his sister, Sarah, a dressmaker, as a servant.  Since William had not worked for 7 months, I believe that Christina was learning the trade of dressmaker.  Why would her mother send a child out to be a servant at age 11 when all the rest of the children, even the husband's older boys, were at home?  While Archie's Christina would have been 13 years old, probably the Raynor sister gave the information and didn't know the correct age.
In 1888-92 Margaret and her two daughters were living in Youngstown at 635 Erie St. with  John Swartzsweller, who was married to her daughter, Christina.  Christina had a tumor and died in 1890.  She was buried 2 Nov. 1890 in Oak Hill Cemetery.
14 March 1895 Margaret married for the third time, William D. Black, an engineer with the Youngstown Stamping Co., by Rev. Geo. J. Williams.  She was a member of the Methodist Protestant Church in Hubbard.
In the 1900 census, Margaret states that she has had 5 children, but the "how many living" column is left blank.
Margaret died 26 June 1909 of stomach cancer while living at 122 E. Front St., a boarding house but in the paper referred to as the family residence.    Her husband lived elsewhere but Sarah, who was divorced, lived with her.  I could not find a divorce for Margaret.    In 1908 Margaret lived with her husband, Wm. Black, at 101 Pike St. - a house her husband owned.      
She was also buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, from home, on 29 June 1909, Row 26, Space 54, a single lot with no marker. [This grave was not near Christina's.  Christina's is a single grave with a very nice marker.  Margaret's has no marker at all.] King Funeral Home told me that her funeral cost about $45. and her daughter, Sarah, paid for it $1.00 at a time but there was still $15.00 owed.  I didn't pay it!]
In Margaret's obituary she is said to have had five grandchildren.  Christina and John Swartzswelter had two, Sarah, who married Harry O. Palmer, had two boys, and Janet, my grandmother, married to Hugh McFee, had one child living.

Census for 6 June 1841 shows [as per Ancestry.com]
Living at Fireworks, Gorbals, Glasgow
Archibald Maxwell, Head, age 54, b. Lanarkshire, Coal Miner
Christina Maxwell, Wife, age 42, b. Lanarkshire
Agnes Maxwell, dtr. age 18, Cotton Power Loom Weaver
James Maxwell, son, age 16, Coal Miner
Archibald Maxwell, son, age 8
Margaret Maxwell, dtr. age 5
William Maxwell, son, age 2
Census for 30 Mar 1851 [as per Ancestry.com]
Living at Fireworks, Carter Row, Govan, Glasgow
Christina Maxwell, age 57, Head, b. Govan, Lanark
Archibald Maxwell, age 18, Coal Miner, b. Govan
Margaret Maxwell, age 15, b. Govan, Steam Loom Weaver
William Maxwell, age 12, Drawer in Coal Mine, b. Govan.
1861 Census for 7 April [as per Ancestry.com]
Shows Living at 177 Uries Row, Govan, Glasgow
William Maxwell age 22, Coalminer
Elizabeth Jack Maxwell, age 21
Archibald Maxwell, age 1
George Maxwell, age 2 months
Christina Rae [mother] age 68
Mary Rae, [Lodger] age 39, Cotton Weaver, b. Govan
Note: Uries Row no longer exists but was a row of houses that were rented out to mining families working for Govan collieries or otherwise known as Dixons Iron Works. If you left the Iron Works, you had also to vacate the squalidity of the house.
Sometime between 1861 and 1865 both William and Elizabeth emigrated to the USA
Mar. cert from Scotlands People shows that on 16 July 1858 at Uries Row, Cathcart, Glasgow, Wm. Maxwell, age 20 of Uries Row, Glasgow, a Miner [journeyman] married Eliz. Jack age 18, a Weaver living at Uries Row, Glasgow
Parents of Eliz.Jack were George Jack, Miner [deceased] and Mary Jack [nee Smith- deceased]
Parents of Wm. Maxwell were Archibald M
According to Ancestry.com I found the following entry
William Maxwell, birth June 1837 Glasgow, Marriage 1858 Glasgow, Died Pennsylvania
Parents were Archibald Maxwell and Christian Rae. Spouse was Elisabeth Jack
Person researching treeline see Cook/Liby family tree
Source of birth = 1870/1880/1900 USA federal census

From Mary Lou

Compiler: Mary Lou C. Mariner, Frederick, MD

[S60] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, SLC Microfilm 1066602.
Ann Rae1
F, b. 15 December 1842
     Ann Rae was born on 15 December 1842 at Glasgow, Govan, Lanark, Scotland; Cotton Reeler.1,2 She was the daughter of Andrew Rae and Anne Maxwell.1
Children of Ann Rae
Ann Rae b. 11 Feb 18623
William Rae b. 8 Nov 18633
Helen Rae b. 7 May 18653
Andrew Rae b. 9 Jun 18683
Christina Rae b. 9 Oct 18693
Elisabeth Rae b. 19 Jan 18713
Isabella Thomson Rae b. 18 Jul 18733
[S76] Census, 1861, Lanark, Scotland, Govan, Glasgow, pg. 2, Number 9, Urie's Row..
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 1042982.
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 6035516 Register.
Mary Rae1
F, b. 25 December 1844
     Mary Rae was born on 25 December 1844 at Glasgow, Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland; Piecer in cotton factory.1,2 She was the daughter of Andrew Rae and Anne Maxwell.1
[S76] Census, 1861, Lanark, Scotland, Govan, Glasgow, pg. 2, Number 9, Urie's Row..
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 1042982.
Andrew Rae1
M, d. before 1851

     Andrew Rae married Anne Maxwell, daughter of Archibald Maxwell and Christian Rae, on 15 December 1838 at Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland.1,2

     Andrew Rae died before 1851.1
Children of Andrew Rae and Anne Maxwell
Christina Rae b. 9 Dec 18382
Elisabeth Rae+ b. 9 Nov 18402
Ann Rae+ b. 15 Dec 18421
Mary Rae b. 25 Dec 18441
Andrew Rae b. 29 Mar 18471
Sarah Rae b. 21 Mar 18492
[S76] Census, 1861, Lanark, Scotland, Govan, Glasgow, pg. 2, Number 9, Urie's Row..
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 1042982.
Andrew Rae1
M, b. 29 March 1847
     Andrew Rae was born on 29 March 1847 at Glasgow, Gobals, Lanark, Scotland; Coal Miner.1,2 He was the son of Andrew Rae and Anne Maxwell.1
[S76] Census, 1861, Lanark, Scotland, Govan, Glasgow, pg. 2, Number 9, Urie's Row..
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 1042982.
Margaret Jack1
F, b. 18 February 1853
     Margaret Jack was born on 18 February 1853; Going to school.1,2 She was the daughter of George Jack and Anne Maxwell.1
[S76] Census, 1861, Lanark, Scotland, Govan, Glasgow, pg. 2, Number 9, Urie's Row..
[S202] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address, FHC Film 1042982.


Alexander Maxwell(+) b1683-d1720 married to Rachel Galbraith b 16 Aug 1690 had the following children:
1) Archibald Maxwell(+) b1723

Archibald Maxwell(+) b1723 married to Esther Aitken b1724 daughter of Thomas Aitken and Isabel Black had the following children:
1) Anna Maxwell b1750
2) Archibald Maxwell(++) b1754
3) Janet Maxwell b1757
4) Mary Maxwell b1759
5) John Maxwell b1762
ARCHIBALD MAXWELL(++) born 1754 was a Sailor. He married LILLIAS IVER b1752 were married on 12 September 1778 in Middle Or New Parish, Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland.
ARCHIBALD MAXWELL and LILLIAS IVER and had the following children:
Margaret MAXWELL (bapt 1 May 1785) Greenock New or Middle, Renfrewshire
Archibald Maxwell(+++) (b.2 Aug 1787)Greenock New or Middle, Renfrewshire
John Maxwell (bapt 10 June 1789) Greenock New or Middle, Renfrewshire
Alexander Maxwell (bapt 29 July 1792) Greenock New or Middle, Renfrewshire
Archibald MAXWELL(+++) son of ARCHIBALD MAXWELL and LILLIAS IVER, was born on 2 August 1787 in Greenock New or Middle, Renfrewshire. He was in the Stirlingshire militia and then became a Coal Miner. He married Christina RAE on 26 June 1813 in Gorbals, Glasgow. They appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Gorbals.
Christina RAE , daughter of James RAE ( -bef1873) and Sarah RAE ( -bef1873), was born in 1795. She died of General debility on 15 August 1873 in Hutchisontown, Glasgow. She and Archibald MAXWELL had the following children:
Ann MAXWELL (1819-1888)
Agnes Liddell MAXWELL (1822-1868)
James MAXWELL (1825- )
Cornelius MAXWELL (1828-1885)
Archibald MAXWELL (1833- )
Margaret MAXWELL (1836- )
William MAXWELL (1838- )
William MAXWELL son of Archibald MAXWELL(+++) and Christina RAE was born 13th June 1838 was married to Elisabeth Jack born 22nd June 1840 they had the following children:
1) Archibald MAXWELL(++++) b1859 (John, Darrell & Mary Lous Grandfather)
2) George Maxwell b1861
3) William Maxwell b 1863
4) John Maxwell b1865
5) Mary Maxwell b1867
6) Christine Maxwell b1869
7) James Maxwell b1870
8) Elisabeth Maxwell b1872
9) Janet Maxwell b1874
10) Mary Maxwell b1876
11) Cornelius Maxwell b1879
Archibald MAXWELL(++++) b 13th Sept 1859 son of William MAXWELL and Elisabeth Jack married Elisabeth Green b 6th July 1860. They had the following children:
1) William Maxwell b 1881
2) Thomas Maxwell b 1883
3) Archibald Maxwell b1886
4) George Maxwell b1889
5) John J. Maxwell b1893
6) Walter Maxwell b1896

The entry is in Vol. 8 of "Mercer County Cemetery Inscriptions," a 16 volume soft cover set (containing, especially in the last volume, some cemeteries from adjacent counties) "compiled by Loretta Barker DeSantis and Sally Glaser Dufford in co-operation with the Mercer County Genealogical Society," I purchased them from Mrs. DeSantis as they came out, 1980 to 1989 (unfortunately, my Vols. 6-10 were later water damaged in the attic); this volume is dated 1982. "Presbyterian Cemetery, Jackson Center [Jackson Township, Mercer County], Pa.," covers pages 113-23 of Vol. 8, with a hand-drawn map and the following introduction:

Presbyterian Cemetery is located on the south side of Route 62, 1 and 8/10 miles east of Interstate 79. It is in good condition. Copied August 23 and Sept 6, 1979 by Sally Dufford and Loretta DeSantis.

Entries are arranged by row, with Maxwells on page 115 in Row 5, between Donaldsons and Lytles, as follows:

7. William R. MAXWELL 1836-1901
Elizabeth wife of William R. MAXWELL 1840-1899
Robert R. son of Wm. R. & E. MAXWELL 1879-1881 (fs [footstones] RRM, Mother, Father)


I am a hand weaver tae my trade.
Long time I courted a factory maid,
And if I could her kind favor win,
I'd stand beside her and  I'd weave by steam.

It's manys the year now I've plyed my skill
By my  ain fireside  lang before the mill
I wove fine linen and silk so fair
While the  poor jenny shuttle
sings my lassie's name

My fathers often unto me said
How could you fancy a factory maid?
When you could have women of grace and style
Oh it might tae win the master weaver's smile

But the  weaver's fortune of my Father's age
Has faded now tae a meager wage
And the dark and
Have brought the prices and the weavers down.

Where are the lassies now, I'll  tell you plain:
The girls have all gone to weave by steam,
And if you would find them you must rise at dawn
And trudge to the mill in the early morn.