Really Bawdy Pipe Tampers

Bawdy Pipe tampers are very old, as old as using tampers in Europe it seems. A number of naughty tamps have been dug up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during restoration there. A 1976 excavation yielded a pipe tamper, used for packing tobacco into a pipe bowl, that depicted a couple in the throes of passion. The tamper, which is in perfect condition, was found in a jar of ink thrown deep into a privy pit, implying that its owner was trying to hide it.


Phallus in Hand

Naughty 18th Century Tamp

Oh so very naughty and so very fun, a reproduction of a 18th Century tamp from England. This is excellent for both small antique clay pipe bowls and modern briar pipe bowls!   This phallic tamper is 1 and 1/2 inches tall.  It has a nice heft in the hand and reminds us of a clock key the way it was designed. Such a randy craftsman conceived of this novelty so many years ago! Good tamper base size for most pipes.  Can do smaller clays and reach down into a pipe bowl.

Phallis in Hand II

Ma' Ladies Hand

Oh so very naughty, this one will bring squeals if you use it in front of friends.  It is a reproduction of a  Early 19th Century tamp. This is sure to add a little zest to any smoke. WOW!  Good base size for most pipes.

Nude Lady Pipe Tamper

Watch Fob Tamper

We just love this artistic nude pipe tamper.  She has a strong Art Nouveau feel and the original was no doubt sculpted in the19th Century or early 20th. We reproduced her from an antique and she stands about two and 1/4 inches tall. You tamp with the little platform she stands on. This little nude figure actually would make a lovely pendant if you are so inclined. She is highly polished and looks very much like sterling but was cast in lead- free jewelers pewter like many antique tampers were. She has a loop at the top to hang her. You can suspend her from your watch chain or from your humidor. We think this is a wonderful little addition to our pewter line.

Gal Leg Tamper


Bawdy Tamper

This is a whimsical little pipe tamper that was reproduced from a vintage tamper we imported England. It is such a historical and humorous shape. This slightly naughty theme can be found in everything from pistol grips to horse bits. This particular "Gal Leg" design is 18th Century and that makes this tamp perfect for reenacters and collectors of historical memorabilia. We think this Bawdy tamper is also very practical for the modern pipe smoker. We use these ourselves and be assured these are cast in food safe, metal of the highest grade. This pipe tamper was hand poured in lead-free Jeweler's pewter by James E. Boyle. Each little pipe tamp is fully three dimensional from the stocking to the sole of the shoe. This pipe tamp stands 2 5/8" from the bottom of the heal to the top of the thigh.

Classic Tampers


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