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Border Collie Jewelry

We offer a full line of fine detailed Border Collie Jewelry for the discrimanating collector. 

Our fine line of Border Collie jewelry not only is very detailed and beautiful but it is rugged and hard wearing enough to be part of your everyday attire.  Hundreds of our buckles are worn in the field!

Fine Border Collie Necklace 
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This Border Collie pendant shows the dog crouched in a working position.  This is a lovely piece carved and cast by James E. Boyle.  James works from photographs and life and owns a Border Collie himself.  This necklace is cast in lead-free jeweler's pewter and burnished to a nice warm finish. It is also signed and comes with the chain pictured.

Fine Border Collie Pin 
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This is a lovely, little, delicate, working  Border Collie pin.  This is not a clutch pin.  It has a nice traditional clasp and pin with safety finding. This pin was carved from life, hand soldered and hand cast by artist/jeweler James E. Boyle in fine jeweler's pewter.  wear him alone or purchase the sheep pin to give him something to work!  This little chap is a mere 7/8 inch long so the detail is blurred by this enlarged picture!

Shepherd with lamb and Border Collie Pin 
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This is a wonderful handcrafted pin made from fine , lead free, jewelers pewter.  The young shepherd lad is holding a lamb and has his trusty Border Collie by his side.  This quality pin is a sheep lovers delight.The artist carved this from an actual photograph of a shepherd from Scotland.  It has quality findings and is signed by the artist.  Pin size, 1 1/2 "  X  2 1/2"

Border Collie Tie Tack 
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This is a smart, little, working  Border Collie Tie Tack.  This is not a clutch pin, it has a nice sturdy tie tack back with chain and keeper..   This pin was carved from life,the pin cast in place, and hand cast by artist/jeweler James E. Boyle in fine jeweler's pewter.  wear him alone or purchase the sheep pin to give him something to work!  This dog is 7/8 inch wide. It is a perfect gift is for the BC handlers oir breeders.  Any stockman would be proud to sport this tie tack with suit and tie.

Border Collie Pendant 
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This is a nice little 3-D Border Collie pendant by artist/jeweler Beth Maxwell Boyle.  The figure was first sculpted and then cast by hand by the artist in lead-free jeweler's pewter. This is not a mass produced piece.  The little dog comes on a waxed linen cord and is 1 1/2 " long.  The Border Collie is burnished to a warm antique finish.

Border Collie Herding Buckle 
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Highland Mary's Son -This belt buckle is in a signed  limited edition of 5000.  The buckle is made to fit a 1 1/4" or 1 1/2"  belt .  The scene is of a Border Collie  herding Scottish Blackface sheep. The buckle is oval shaped, 3 1/8"  X 2" carved by James E. Boyle in fine detail and hand cast in leadfree,  Jeweler's Pewter that contains 2% silver.  This belt buckle looks great on a man or women!

Border Collie and Highland Sheep Pin 
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The name of this pin is Highland Mary's Son. This is a large, well made piece by artist James Boyle. It was hand carved and cast in solid, lead-free, jeweler's pewter.  the pin  is 2 1/2" X  1". There is a great ammount of detail in this brooch which shows a Border Collie herding Scottish Blackface Sheep.  In the background is a gate or a sheep hurdle and it has  wonderful depth.  The pin is signed and findings are hand soldered! 

Man & Border Collie Working Sheep 
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Here is a wonderful new pin by James E. Boyle of The Rams Horn, carved expressly for the Border Collie National Trials at Bell Grove Plantation in Virginia. This is truly beautiful on any garment.  The pierced out areas allow fabric to show through between the figures which gives this design a nice light effect.  The little shepherd with crook extended works his dog and gathers his ewes.  The overall length of this pin is 2  1/4 inches and it is light enough to be worn on a blouse or hat.  I like it on the lapel of my tweed blazer.  The original was carved by hand and each pin is hand cast by the artist in 100% lead-free pewter.   This pin has a traditional pin and safety clasp, not tack pins.  All findings are hand soldered.

Smooth Border Collie Frisbee Pin 
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This incredible pin by artist/designer and jeweler James Boyle is a really amazing piece.  The picture does not even show all the detail.  The Border Collie used as the model was a smooth Border Collie and the 1997 Frisbee Dog Champion!  The pin was hand cast by the artist in 100% lead free jeweler's pewter and is Approx. 2 and 1/8 inches long.  The findings are hand soldered as well. 

Border Collie & Handler Tack Pin 
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Here is a great little pin for your blazer or hat cast in fine 100% lead free jeweler's pewter.  This design was carved by James Boyle and introduced at the Border Collie National Trials in Bell Grove, Virginia a few years ago.  A perfect gift for a man or women, this light weight pin adds a nice touch to any outfit. This is a tack pin with two pins to keep it secure on your garment.  The pin is 1 and 1/2 inches across.

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