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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardi jewelry for the discrimanating shopper and collector.

We offer you a  detailed line of Cardigan Welsh Corgi jewelry that exists no where else.  There are no finer sculptors of Corgi jewelry than James E. Boyle and his wife Beth.

Trio of Cardis Belt Buckle 
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This wonderful buckle by James Edward Boyle and has been very popular.  Jim carves his designs from real photographs and live models.  This handsome study of three Cardigans is carved in high relief.  The  3 dogs seem almost alive when you see this up close.   The trio is of a bitch a pup and a dog striking that classic pose cardis do. This is a limited  edition piece so bid now and get a low number of the 2500 that will be cast.  This buckle is designed for the active man or women so it should hold up to years of wear.  The buckle is cast in high quality jeweler's pewter not cheap, pot metal like so many buckles.  This lead free pewter contains 2% real silver which gives it hardness and helps it hold its shine!   The buckle is designed to fit a belt that is 1  1/2" to 1  1/4" in diameter.  The oval is about 3 1/8 X 2 inches.  These would make excellent trophies for your breed show or match.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Figurine 
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This little figure is cast in solid jeweler's pewter.  It is not hollow and fragile. The dog measures 3 1/4 inches from nose to tail.  This is a handcast, solid pewter sculpture by Beth Maxwell Boyle. The small Cardi is hand finished by Beth and her husband and has a nice warm patina.  The picture shows the Cardigan Figure in a flat finish to avoid camera glare but these have a nice  gentle gloss.  It is also antiqued to give all the recessed areas more detail.

Cardi Herding Sheep Pin 
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This is an incredible Cardigan Herding Pin by James E. Boyle . It measures 2 inches from the Cardi's tail to the ewe's nose. The herding brooch or pin depicts a Cardi herding sheep with great enthusiasm.  If you have ever watched agility or herding with Corgis you will recognize this all out airborne run they hit at full speed!  It is cast of fine, lead-free Jeweler's pewter that contains 2% silver for a fine finish and hard wearing beauty.  The herding pin is signed by the artist and the findings are hand soldered.  This pin is part of the Rams Horn, Corgi Croft Collection.

Fairy Riding a Corgi Brooch 
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Here is a great new pin that is part Beth's work and part Jim's.  Jim carved this delightful piece from one of Beth's drawings.  An old Welsh folk legend says that some red and some brindle Cardigan Welsh Corgis have markings around their shoulders that are saddle marks left there by the faerie folk who use the wee dogs as steeds.    It is also said that on the green mountains and in the deep misty glens of Cardiganshire in Wales, one can still see the fairies and elves riding the spritely Corgwn through the moonlight.
        The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a breed known to be over 2000 years old.  They were brought to the British Isles by the Celts These dogs have a great deal of heart and spirit.. Our Cardi and Elf pin was just introduced to our line in April of 2000.  These are signed by the artist and the findings are all hand soldered.

 We only recently returned home from  the National Cardigan Specialty in Lancaster, PA where we sold these fairy pins for the very first time.  This pin is highly detailed  from the feather in the elf's cap to the  fur of the Cardi's tail.  This pin is part of the Rams Horn, Corgi Croft Collection. The finish on this piece is brighter than shown, we dulled it to cut down the glare in the picture.

Fine Corgi Necklace 
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This is a very well made little corgi head necklace.  The circle is 3/4 inch and made of lead-free jewelers pewter.The original was hand carved by James E. Boyle of The Rams Horn Studio.   It hangs from a 24 inch stainless steel chain with a bright silver finish. . These pendants are part of the Rams Horn, Corgi Croft Collection.

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