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Checkout Problems & Solutions

Many people trying to buy products online run into problems checking out or completeing the required information. This can be due to many factors, and we hope we can solve these problems for you on our site at least.

The main reason for a customer being unable to finish a purchase transaction online is because the browser they are using is set to block pop-up windows, which take them to a payment page.

We use Paypal to take credit cards online - once the shipping information is entered you are taken to Paypal ( by way of a popup usually ) where you enter your credit card information.

It is at this stage that most people are stopped in the checkout process. Either through security settings or pop-up blocking programs, you are kept from viewing the content you may want to. 

To allow you to checkout - please make sure your browser allows popups

Even after checking your pop-up settings you may still have problems checking out . If this happens to you - please contact us and we can send you an invoice to your email for the purchace you want to make. It is a little inconvenient, but it will ensure your ability to buy from us if there is a problem. Just send an email ans say you were unable to complete the checkout. We will then send you an invoice for the amount that you were to pay. This invoice will take you directly to Paypal to allow you to pay us quickly and securely!

If all else fails either contact us, or you are always welcome to send a check for the purchace.

Thanks for your understaning, and please let us know if there are any further help we can offer.

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