Clyde a Hooded Rat


Griffin and Gabriel


HOODED RATS -Standard for show and breeding. In old books on Rats this variety is often known as Japanese Hooded. The hood shall be unbroken, covering the head, throat, chest and shoulders, except in the case of light colored hooded varieties where a pale colored throat is permissible. The hood shall be continuous with the saddle, extending down the spine to the tail with as much of the tail as possible being colored. The saddle width shall be one quarter to half an inch it must be as even as possible and unbroken. The edges of the hood and saddle shall be clear cut and devoid of brindling. The white area shall be pure and devoid of yellowish tinge or staining.

Why a Pet Rat?

Pet or domesticated rats are not like their wild cousins. Pet rats are actually extremely lovable,and affectionate.  It is not always well known they are one of the most intelligent of pets.  They can be taught tricks with ease.  The ancient Romans recognized how brilliant rats were and considered them to be good luck. The Chinese consider rats as symbols of prosperity while the Japanese have considered rats to be messengers of the gods.  Rats senses are so sharp that they have been known to predict earthquakes and storms. They have a very well developed sense of balance.  Unlike a gerbil or hamster they usually seek your company and will ride on your shoulder with ease. It is amazing how easy it is to take care of rats too. Give your pet rats a safe cage or terrarium with plenty of lab blocks or food pellets to eat, and they will stay happy and healthy.  Like all animal clean fresh water should be available at all times.  Since pet rats like to chew, placing aspen wood dowels or apple tree limbs in their cages will help them keep their teeth in shape.  Rats are able to run 2-3 miles in a night so they do appreciate any exercise you can give them. Rats also love to swim, they have been known to swim up to a half mile. It is documented some are able to stay under water for as long as 3 minutes!   

Those rats who have passed on but are not forgotten!


Lorraine was a rat athlete.  She was a rich chocolate color. She could jump and climb like no other rat we have had.  Lorraine was very lively and yet loyal and affectionate.  Lorraine was saved from becoming snake food and she seemed to know she is a very lucky lass.  Lorraine loved to run down the back of the couch like it was Church Hill Downs! Lorraine was overt 3 years old  when she died . Up until recently she was running like a wild thing she must be on the Japanese seaweed diet! She will be missed.  Lorraine was my first female rat and lived longer than any rat I have had.


Kyle was  a laid-back lap rat.  He was a fawn Hooded Rat. Kyle loved his comfort zone.  He was happy to stay on your shoulder for hours while I  worked on the computer or hung out on the couch.  He was marked allot like Duncan but they were not related. Kyle enjoyed a sip of coffee or tea and enjoyed a bit of peanut butter when he could swipe it.  

Flora was a fearless, dominate, female rat. She liked people but was an escape artist and a very brainy ratess. Flora was a hooded rat. She lived with Lorraine and they got along very well.  We found Flora a joy, she was so brilliant and full of life.


Duncan was a lively small male rat. He was a fawn Hooded Rat.  He was very active and quite affectionate.  Duncan loved food maybe just a little too much but never got fat.  Duncan had an outstanding sense of balance and would ride on your shoulder all over without sliding.  He came from a pet store and we bought him when he was quite small.  He was subordinate to Malcolm.  Duncan had lots of vigor and spunk but was kindly.  His personality shone like his bright eyes.

Duncan and his portable house and his statuary.

See Duncan's Fine Art Collection.  He liked his Netsukes the best.


Malcolm was quite docile but was the dominant rat here do to his size.  He was a sweet boy and liked to give kisses.  He also loved to get a good scratching and fell fast asleep on my shoulder.  He came from a pet shop that actually cared and he was socialized and had a very nice attitude.  He really had no bad habits.  Malcolm would ride on your shoulder or sleep on the back of your neck for very long periods of time.   Malcolm was a very handsome boy and he knew it!

Malcolm and his donkey pal Sam.

 a handsome Brown agouti

Sterling was a very friendly and bright rat and probably the best friend I have ever had.  If he had his way we would be with me every minute of every day.   He came when called and was always trying to get my attention so I would pick him up.  Sterling loved everyone and loved to play on the couch. He was a great rat ambassador!


 Rats don't live long lives but they are the best of the small pets as far as we are concerned!   Colin passed away in Sept. of 2002 after having a wonderful summer camping and eating like a dog!   He is missed but we know he had a really great life.   His last big adventure in July gave us allot of good time to enjoy him while on vacation.  He died at home after a brief illness in Sept.   Colin was our very  first pet rat and will never be forgotten.  He was a very special friend.

  Rats, man's other best friend.

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