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The Sheep-Shearing Song
By Ashley Hutchings

Now Winter is Past and the Summer is here
So it's down to the meadows the sheep for to shear
To wash the fine flock in the pools of the Thames
To clip them and tar them and wash them again
When the wickets are set in the bed of the stream
We drive in the sheep, their fleeces to clean
With clippers and tar then the shearers come round
To cut off the fleeces and seal up the wounds
When sheep shearing's done then it's homeward we'll come
The men go to Bampton to toast the black ram
And the wool's bound for Witney, fine blankets to make
So women, give thanks for you family's sake

Recorded by June Tabor singing with the

The Albion River Hymn

The Sheep Shearing Song was written by

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