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Band of Shearers

Oh summer days and heather bells
Come blooming o’er yon high high hills
There’s yellow corn in all the fields
and the autumn brings the shearin’

Bonnie lassie will ye gang
And shear wi’ me the whole day lang
And love will cheer us as we gang
To join yon band o’ shearers

And if the weather be or hot
I’ll cast my cravat and my coat
And shear wi’ ye among the lot
When we gang to join the shearin’

And if the thistle be o’er strang
And pierce your lily milk white hand
It’s wi my hook I’ll cut them down                        
When we gang to join the shearin’


And if the weather be o’er dry
They’ll say there’s love ‘tween you and I
But we will proudly pass them by
When we gang to join the shearin’

When the shearin’ it is done
And slowly sets the evenin’ sun
We’ll have some rantin’ roarin’ fun
And gang nae more to the shearin’

Bonnie lassie, bricht and fair
Will ye be mine forever maire
If ye’ll be mine then I’ll be thine
And we’ll gang nae more to the shearin’


Recorded By
 Ed Miller
 Tramps & Hawkers

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