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Queen Among The Heather

or Queen Among The Heather

It was down in yonder lonely place
Where first I spied my roving fancy
She was gathering slaes on yonder braes
When first I spied my lovely Nancy

And oh but she was wondrous fair
Her features they were wondrous bonnie
She said her faither was frae hame
And she's gathering her faithers yowes together

Her goon it was so neatly trimmed
The color of it was broon and yellow
And in between the stripes were seen
Was the belles of the bonnie bloomin' heather

Would ye come wi' me my bonnie, bonnie lass
Would ye be my bride and leave the heather
In silk and satins ye may gang
If ye'd be my bride and leave the heather

Oh kind sir, your offer's fair
But I fear that it's meant in laughter
Some rich squire's son ye micht hae been
While I am but a poor shepherd's daughter

But had ye been a plooboy lad
Ploo'in in the morning early
If a plooboy lad ye micht hae been
Then wi' a' my heart, I wad lo'e thee

I've travelled East and I've travelled West
I've travelled ower moor and mountain
But the bonniest lass that e'er I spied
She was gatherin' her faither's yowes together

There are many versions of this song as you might suspect.
Compare with the next two pages of related songs in the same vein.
This song was popular in many different districts of Scotland.

I enjoyed June Tabor singing this one so very much.
The Album is AIRS & GRACES

Closeup of  bell heather blooms

Also recorded by Dick Gaughin

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