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Scottish Blackface IV              
Blackface Lamb

Blackface lambs yield a carcass ideal for the modern consumer The meat is free of superfluous fat and waste and is known the world over for its distinct flavor. Although they are not large sheep they have enormous potential for the production in the US of high quality lean lamb for today's health conscious consumer. These sheep are also ideal for organic farmers who want to produce excellent cuts of lean meat at a reasonable cost!

Overseas Scottish Blackface wool is used in the production of fine carpets. It is highly prized as mattress stuffing and some grades are used in the manufacture of Irish and Scottish tweeds. Artistsians have long treasured the horns of the Blackface for the carving of shepherds crooks and walking sticks. In the US the fleeces are becoming of interest to fiberartists and hand spinners for use in tapestry and the making of rugs and saddle blankets.

    -Beth Maxwell Boyle

Autumn at Thistledown Croft in NY

Shepherd's Stick or Cromach  made from Blackface Horn

The Road to the Isles

Music: Marjory Kennedy-Fraser
Lyrics: Kenneth MacLeod

A far croonin' is pullin' me away,
As take I wi' my cromach to the road.
The far Coolins are puttin' love on me,
As step I wi' the sunlight for my load.


Sure, by Tummel and Loch Rannoch and Lochaber I will go.
By heather tracks wi' heaven in their wiles;
If it's thinkin' in your inner heart braggart's in my step,
You've never smelt the tangle o' the Isles.
Oh, the far Coolins are puttin' love on me.
As step I wi' my cromach to the Isles.

It's by Sheil water and track is to the west.
By Aillort and by Morar to the sea,
The cool cresses I am thinkin' o' for pluck,
And bracken for a wink on Mother's knee.


It's the blue Islands are pullin' me away,
Their laughter puts the leap upon the lame,
The blue Islands from the Skerries to the Lews,
Wi' heather honey taste upon each name.




 Scottish Blackface wool is a specialty wool in a class of its own.

Tullochcan Farm, Ardeonaig, KILLIN, Perthshire, Scotland

 Scottish Blackface wool is a specialty wool in a class of its own. It does not compete with other
wools at all and has no competition in its own particular field. There are variations in type of
fleece according to the way the sheep were bred. In a general way, there're the south west type
(short wool) and the central Scotland type (long wool).The south west type is the finer, with a
Bradford count of forty or so, generally classed as short or medium, ewes fleece of S to 4% lbs.
greasy. The central type is a stronger wool classed as long or deep strong; this type gives a
ewe fleece of 5 to 61/2 lbs, greasy. The main markets are the mattress and upholstery trade,
carpet and heavy cloth trade. Strong Blackface wool undoubtedly makes the best mattress filling
there is: the demand for this is very good. The carpet trade all over the world (even New
Zealand and Australia) uses large quantities of the medium class of Scottish Blackface wool.
The finer wools are used for blending into many of the strong wearing clothes,
over-coating,working tweeds and heavy blankets, The finest Scottish Blackface wool
goes to the famous Harris tweed trade.

(From The Scottish Blackface Breeders Association Booklet)

 Four handsome tups with nice wide horns



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