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Traditional Sheep Language


A young sheep that is not yet weened. This means that it is still feeding from its mother.

A young sheep that has finished weening.

A female sheep.

Gimmer Hogg
A young female sheep that has finished weening.

This word is derived from the word 'shearing' which means 'clipping', the process of cutting the wool from the sheep. It describes a sheep which has been sheared once. Sheep are not sheared in their first year so a shearling really describes a two-year-old sheep.

Gimmer Shearling
'Gimmer' means female and 'shearling' means a two-year-old sheep. So a gimmer shearling is a two-year-old female sheep. Since sheep usually give birth to their first lambs when they are two years old they usually have their first lambs when they are gimmer shearlings.

A female sheep that has given birth to 2 sets of lambs (or more). Usually a sheep is 2 years old when it gives birth to its first set of lambs and 3 years old when it gives birth to its second set of lambs. So a sheep usually becomes a ewe when it is 3 years old.

A castrated male sheep.





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