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Lamps for Sale

Hand painted, Antique, Ostrich, Vase Lamp with milk glass shade and glass chimney.

Very nice bronze, clawfoot base

The burner and shade are not included

It is easy to convert this lamb from Oil to electric without harming the integrity of the lamp.  I can do this for you if you so desire. The ceramic vase contains a brass font that holds the oil.


Large green urn-shaped, beehive font or lamp base
circa 1900-1920.

Lamp  measures 7-1/2" tall by 6-1/2" diameter

Antique Planters Lamp

Pressed Amber Glass, Whale Oil , Style Lamp
Possibly Westmoreland Glass
circa 1900- 1910.
It is in excellent condition with no nicks, chips or cracks.   Just a lovely antique oil lamp with rich amber color.

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