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The Rams Horn Presents fine Celtic Jewelry for the discrimating shopper all made in the USA!

We specialize in Celtic jewelry and metalwork for spinners and weavers as well as renaisance fair enthusiasts, SCA designers, and collectors.

Celtic Horse Pendant EPONA 
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This is a new piece I am crazy about.  It is the classic Celtic Horse design as seen on our other pieces but this pendant is a wonderful size and very striking. This is a Celtic disc pendant that can be worn on a chain or a cord.   It is hand cast in solid, lead free, jeweler's pewter and signed by the artist.  This has never been seen anywhere but here as it was just completed by the artist, James E. Boyle, this week.  The design was taken from Bain and is a wonderful Celtic, zoomorphic, horse design, seen here at close to actual size.  The pendant is 1 and 1/4 inches without the loop.  This is in between the size of our pin /pendant and the Celtic horse necklace we offer on eBay.  This Celtic Horse Pendant would be very attractive worn with our Celtic Horse earrings.   The etching is deeper and clearer and the impact of this pendant is visually like a jewel.  It  is slightly domed and cast in one piece.  (no solder joints to break).   We are sure someone you love would be thrilled to receive this fine piece as a gift.

Weight: 1.00 oz

Celtic Horse Earrings EPONA 
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These are Celtic disc earrings hand cast in solid, lead free, jeweler's pewter. The design was taken from Bain and is a wonderful Celtic, zoomorphic, horse design. The ear wires are French and made of surgical steel.   These earrings are very comfortable and do not pull on your ears.  The actual disc is 7/8" They look much better in real life!

Celtic Canines Pin/Pendant  
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Celtic Canines is one of our most powerful  designs.  This is a perfect gift for someone who loves dogs as we do! We introduced this Celtic piece into our line in May and it is already one of our best sellers.  Cast in 100% lead free pewter it is a most striking pin.  It is slightly over 1 and 1/2 inches across. The design was loosely based on a knotwork pattern on a Scottish stone but the design was reinterpreted  by the artist Beth Maxwell Boyle.    The disc can be worn as a pin or a pendent.  There is a loop on the back so you can add a chain or leather cord to convert the brooch to a necklace. The pin findings are all hand soldered.  The disc is slightly domed and the piece has an antique finish as shown.   For more fine Celtic jewelry check our other auctions running currently on eBay.  Coming soon, matching earrings to the Celtic Canine Brooch.  Copyright 1999,  James Edward Boyle and Beth Maxwell Boyle,  All Rights Reserved.

Celtic or Norse Ram Pendant 
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This bold pewter pendant was designed by artist/jeweler Beth Maxwell Boyle.  It is hand cast in solid lead-free pewter.  Beth has Norwegian and Scottish ancestors and wanted to create a line of jewelry that reflects her interest in ancient Celtic and Norse cultures.  These two cultures often clashed but intermarried thus a great deal of their artwork shows the influence of both.  This piece is not a mass produced item.  Each one is finished by the artist and comes on a waxed linen cord.  The ram head is 1 3/4 inches across.  Large pendants are very in right now.  You will find this pendant draws many compliments!

Celtic Brooch/ Elvish Knights 
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This wonderful bold pin is cast in solid jewelers pewter which is 100% free of lead!  It also has a loop on the back so it can be worn as a pendant.  Just add a cord or chain to convert it to a necklace. This is an original piece by Beth and Jim Boyle of The Rams Horn.  The elvish tryptic is a traditional image taken from an ancient Celtic manuscript.  This is a well made pin with great detail and all findings are hand soldered.   The pin/pendant is 1 and 1/2 inches and is slightly  domed rather than being a flat targe!   Copyright 1999 , Beth Maxwell Boyle and James Edward Boyle , All rights Reserved.

Celtic Horse Necklace EPONA 
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This necklace is hand cast in solid, lead free, jeweler's pewter. The design was taken from Bain and is a wonderful Celtic zoomorphic tryptic. The chain is stainless steel and 24 inches long.   This is a  light necklace that goes with any style clothing.  The actual disc is 7/8".

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