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Pipe Tampers 2
Bawdy, Erotic and Just Plain Whimsical Tampers
  "In the tobacco-stopper alone was anything like taste or fancy displayed. This was the only article on which the English smoker prided himself. It was made of various materials - wood, bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, brass, and silver; and the forms which it assured were exceedingly diversified."     
 -Joseph Fume, 1839
"It is not enough to fill a pipe and put it to the mouth and set fire to it, for even the country bumpkin knows as much. It is only correct to hold it with the left hand, have the right hand provided with the stopper, impress the onlookers with majestic mien, sit in the proper attitude on the chair, and finally, to take enough time for each pipe and not treat with hasty irreverence this heavenly food."

-Peter Burmann on pipe etiquette, c. 1710
 Classic Welsh Tamper
The classic tamp we molded this from was recovered with a metal detector in a Welsh harbor and we have reproduced it here for you.  We enjoy the simplicity of this piece and left the weathered finish on its surface created by years in the harbor.  We imported the original from Wales and made a mold and cast these in fine jewelers pewter.  This tamper has a broad base and is best for a larger clay bowl or briar.We hope you enjoy this classic as well as we do. This tamp stands 1 1/2 inches tall.

Reproduction Pipe Tamper, Clenched Fist
This is a incredible tamper that has a Georgian feel with Classical leaves and a detailed arm and hand.  It was meticulously reproduced from an English antique tamper we acquired from the UK.  This piece is really exquisite!  The tamp is a human arm and fist that rise from a classical Greek camphor leaf carving. The piece is fully dimensional and carved in the round. You will be pleased with the great detail and this tamper has a really nice heft in your hand. This splendid piece is sure to please you when you use it to tamp the tobacco into your pipe.  Shown are photos of both front and back. This tamper looks really classic with other pipe smoking items and is most comfortable to use. This tamper has a broad base and is best for a larger clay bowl or briar. This tamp will punch your tobacco right down into the bowl!


Reproduction Pipe Tamper, Phallus in Hand
Oh so very naughty and so very fun, a reproduction of a 18th Century tamp from England. This is excellent for both small antique clay pipe bowls and modern briar pipe bowls!   This phallic tamper is 1 and 1/2 inches tall.  It has a nice heft in the hand and reminds us of a clock key the way it was designed. Such a randy craftsman conceived of this novelty so many years ago! Good tamper base size for most pipes.  Can do smaller clays and reach down into a pipe bowl.

The Highlander Pipe Tamper
This is a handsome, pipe tamper that we reproduced from a antique tamper we  imported from England in 2003.  We could not resist this braw Scotsman with his plaid over his shoulder, his walking stick, and broadsword by his side. This figure was carved with very crisp, clean lines.  We were recently informed by a collector this is in fact Bonnie Prince Charlie and was issued originally in 1845 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. Charlie stands atop the tamp like a statue and you can even make out  the cantle of his sporran and the dicing on his bonnet. This splendid piece is sure to please you when you use it to tamp the tobacco into your pipe.  Shown are photos of both front and back. This tamper feels really good in your hand and is most comfortable to use.  The pipe tamper stands two and 3/8th inches high including the base.  This tamper works well on almost all pipes.  

Detailed Highlander, a reproduction of a fine tamp from England. We can hardly keep these in stock!
Please Keep Out if you are under 18!

more fine Pewter from

More Pipe Tamper Styles Coming Soon!

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