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Pipe Tampers
Bawdy, Erotic and Just Plain Whimsical Tampers

James and Beth Boyle have created a unique line of pipe tampers for you to browse on this site. All of our casting is done right here in Western, NY in our studio.  Our pewter is poured by hand by James Edward Boyle.  All our molds are hand cut and made from period originals or from models designed by THE RAMS HORN. Each piece is carefully cast in fine, lead free, jeweler's pewter that is burnished and antiqued by hand in our studio. In the 17th century an ingenious smoker came up with the pipe tamper, or stopper, as it's known in England, a tool for pressing down lit tobacco in the pipe's bowl.  Made from every manner of material--from ivory, pewter, brass to animal teeth and mother-of-pearl--tampers come in a wonderful variety of motifs, including a women's shapely leg, a donkey, a shoe and, yes, a man's tool.  All Our tampers are cast in the finest jeweler's pewter. We are always expanding our line so stop in when you can to see what is new!  There are others reproducing tampers in pewter but ours are the finest available anywhere.  To read about our metalworking and casting go to the links in the main index page for The Rams Horn. You can now buy our tampers right from our jewelry store with a shopping cart:

The Rams Horn
James Edward Boyle & Beth Maxwell Boyle
3680 Panama-Stedman Road
Mayville, NY 14757

 The Hartfield

 This pipe Tamper is  in the shape of a Classic Briar Pipe. It is a handsome little pipe tamper that was reproduced from a vintage tamper we discovered at a flea market recently. We named it for the tiny village we found it in. It is such a classic pipe shape and how perfect, you can use the mouthpiece as a pick and the base to tamp your fine tobacco into your pipe, be it Briar, Clay or Meerschaum! This pipe tamper was hand poured in Lead-Free Jeweler's pewter by James E. Boyle. Each one is cast by hand in the mold.  The little pipe is fully three dimensional and you can look into its tobacco chamber. It holds about three grains of rice! This pipe tamp stands two inches high including the base which is faceted as you can see in the picture.


"It is not enough to fill a pipe and put it to the mouth and set fire to it, for even the country bumpkin knows as much. It is only correct to hold it with the left hand, have the right hand provided with the stopper, impress the onlookers with majestic mien, sit in the proper attitude on the chair, and finally, to take enough time for each pipe and not treat with hasty irreverence this heavenly food."
-Peter Burmann on pipe etiquette, c. 1710

 Gal Leg Pipe Tamper

18th Century Style, Gal Leg Pipe Tamper.This is a whimsical little pipe tamper that was reproduced from a vintage tamper we imported England. It is such a historical and humorous shape. This slightly naughty theme can be found in everything from pistol grips to horse bits. This particular "Gal Leg" design is 18th Century and that makes this tamp perfect for reenacters and collectors of historical memorabilia. We think this Bawdy tamper is also very practical for the modern pipe smoker. We use these ourselves and be assured these are cast in food safe, metal of the highest grade. This pipe tamper was hand poured in lead-free Jeweler's pewter by James E. Boyle. Each little pipe tamp is fully three dimensional from the stocking to the sole of the shoe. This pipe tamp stands 2 5/8" from the bottom of the heal to the top of the thigh.


Shoe last, 18th Century Style, Pipe Tamper

This is a historical pipe tamper that we reproduced from a antique tamper in our collection.  Tampers like this have been made since the 18th Century and this is suitable for reenacters of that period. We could not resist adding this delightful, historical tamp to our line. This figure was carved so that it is fully dimensional. The shoe stands atop the tamp and is shaped plainly and cleanly. It is a very nice tamper to hold in your fingers and is balanced in its proportions. This novel piece is sure to please you when you use it to tamp the tobacco into your pipe.  Shown are photos of both front and back. This tamper feels really good in your hand and is most comfortable to use. The pipe tamper stands two and 1/2 inches high including the base. This one is perfect for 18th Century style clay pipes but does a modern briar well if that is your preference.


Nude Lady Pipe Tamper

We just love this artistic nude pipe tamper.  She has a strong Art Nouveau feel and the original was no doubt sculpted in the19th Century or early 20th. We reproduced her from an antique and she stands about two and 1/4 inches tall. You tamp with the little platform she stands on. This little nude figure actually would make a lovely pendant if you are so inclined. She is highly polished and looks very much like sterling but was cast in lead- free jewelers pewter like many antique tampers were. She has a loop at the top to hang her. You can suspend her from your watch chain or from your humidor. We think this is a wonderful little addition to our pewter line.

 "In the tobacco-stopper alone was anything like taste or fancy displayed. This was the only article on which the English smoker prided himself. It was made of various materials - wood, bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, brass, and silver; and the forms which it assured were exceedingly diversified."     
 -Joseph Fume, 1839

Please Keep Out if you are under 18!

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