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Center Drafts III
Lamps with the Belgian Style Burner
The Success Lamp
The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Company

"Success" oil lamps were manufactured by the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was often referred to as Pilabrasgo, a contraction of their name. They produced many variations of ornate parlor style lamps and hanging lamps with the Success burners. Their hanging lamps were made in the 'conventional' pull-down style with a ceiling extension as well as a model with a telescoping rod.  This is an example of one of  their (nickel plated ) brass table lamps similar to a Rayo  but much more gracefully engineered with the Success burner.  The base of this lamp is weighted and it really is a well functioning lamp.  The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Company was assigned at least five lighting-related patents between August 28, 1900 and March 21, 1916.

Characteristic tulip shaped flame

The lamp sits on ball feet so the air can rise through the center tube. The Success lamp produces a wonderful white light

Bradley & Hubbard
Hanging Lamp - Radiant No. 5

These were often used in churches, stores and public buildings

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