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Tampers Four
Tampers Four

In the 17th century an ingenious smoker came up with the pipe tamper, or stopper, as it's known in England, a tool for pressing down lit tobacco in the pipe's bowl. Made from every manner of material--from ivory and brass to animal teeth and pewter.  Tampers come in a wonderful variety of motifs, including  figural tampers of a women's  hand, windmills, and Pipes being smoked.  For novices, tampers are an easy way to get started in tobacciana.  Our Pipe tampers are cast in leadfree Pewter but the molds are made from antique tampers in our private collection. This page is mostly of 19th Century style tampers.

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  "In the tobacco-stopper alone was anything like taste or fancy displayed. This was the only article on which the English smoker prided himself. It was made of various materials - wood, bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, brass, and silver; and the forms which it assured were exceedingly diversified."     
 -Joseph Fume, 1839

 Elizabethan Galleon  Ship, Pipe Tamper

The Elizabethan era is the great age of the pipe and tobacco, it is most fitting it be represented on a tamper! The original we molded this from came from England. What a fine piece of pewter this is to hold in your hand.  Tamp away lads, she is a worthy vessel!   This pipe tamper stands two and 1/4 inches high including the base.  Sail away to distant lands on a cloud of smoke. NOW IN STOCK

17th-18th Century Style, Pipe in Hand Tamper

This was a popular motif for many tampers from the 17th Century through the 19th for obvious reasons!   This is still one of our favorites!  What a wonderful tamper! This tamper has a small enough base for most  clay pipes but also works super in a modern pipe like a Peterson or Savinelli.  This tamper is 2 inches tall. Good base size for most pipes. NOW IN STOCK


Delicate Ladies Hand Tamper

 This is a wonderful creatively carved tamp. What a treasue to own!  This is a whimsical pipe tamper just added to our line of historical tampers. Tampers like this have been made since the 17th and 18th Centuries and this is suitable for reenacters of those periods. What a fine English tamper this is! We imported the antique original from England and made a mold from it. Pipe tampers have been made in many forms but more come in the form of hands and feet than any other! This larger tamp comes in the form of a delicate ladies hand and sleeve. This is a wonderful creatively carved tamp. This is a truly striking piece with great detail from the folds of the sleeve to the fingernails of the hand. You must clasp her lovely hand to tamp your tobacco! It is a very nice tamper to hold in your fingers and is balanced in its proportions. The pipe tamper stands two and 1/2 inches high including the base.  This tamper has a broad base and is best for a larger clay bowl or briar.

This horse shoe pipe tamper was made from a tamp crafted in merry olde England.  It says "Good Luck" on a banner at the base of the shoe.  You can hang this tamp from a leather thong or wear it on your belt. It is detailed on front and back. For centuries, the horseshoe has been used as a charm, in countries widely separated.  It has also been popularly used as a talisman for the preservation of buildings or premises from the wiles of witches and fiends.  Many streams of superstition and belief have converged on the almost universal acceptance of the horseshoe as lucky.  The belief in the protective power of the horseshoe itself dates back to the Greeks and Romans.   Horseshoe amulets are believed to be lucky and well as protective.  Just think, this tamper can keep you from evil and tamp your tobacco!  How perfect is that?  This tamp is 1 and 3/4 inches tall.


 Ravens Claw Tamper

"Quoth the Raven, Nevermore." Here we introduce our all new Raven's Claw Tamp! This is a whimsical crow's foot, pipe tamper that we reproduced from a antique tamper purchased recently from the state of Maine. We could not resist adding this delightful, historical tamp to our line. It is shades of Edgar Allan Poe to be sure! The claw theme is often seen in the egg and claw carvings on traditional clay and meershaum pipes. This unusual tamper would make a great addition to your collection. The Raven's claw is often used in Heraldry as a symbol as well. This tamp can reach way down into a big Danish Briar and tamp down your finest flake. This bird's leg tamp was carved so that it is fully dimensional. The claw is carved in the greatest detail. This novel piece is sure to please you when you use it to tamp the tobacco into your pipe. This tamper feels really good in your hand and is most comfortable to use. The pipe tamper stands 3 1/2" inches high including the base.  Slightly larger base makes this best for larger clays and briars.  NOW IN STOCK


Yes, there are windmills in England as well as Holland!  This tamper depicts a broadlands windmill like they have in Kent.  The original tamper this was molded from came from the UK and was cast in England.   This is a wonderful piece to hold in your hand and is very handy to tamp wih. Great base size for most pipes.

Donkey with Pack Baskets

Here we have a delightful Clovelly Donkey Tamp.  Clovelly, England has long attracted visitors from all over the world. It is an historic, unspoilt North Devon village where quaint, flower strewn cottages seem to tumble over one another down to the tiny 14th Century harbor below. Donkeys until very recently carried everything as the streets are very narrow.  This two sided tamper shows the packed donkey in fine detail.
This is one of Beth's favorite tamps.  This tamp stands just a mite shy of 2 inches from the base to the donkey's ear. Great base size for most pipes. NOW IN STOCK

Dickens Character, country women
This tamp is one in the series of Charles Dickens tampers once produced in England.  This gal looks like a milkmaid or scullery maid with her apron and long skirt.  She is wearing a cap with ruffles too. Write us if you know this women.  She deserves a name!  She will work hard every day for you tamping your pipe or keeping watch over your tobacco collections!  Good base size for most pipes.  

 Rob Roy McGregor
This is a grand pipe tamper that we just reproduced from a antique tamper made in England.  Here represented in pewter is Scottish Hero, Rob Roy McGregor 1670-1734. He was a soldier alongside his father and brother at the age of eighteen. He was a farmer, whose respect for the Highland way of life won him a place in the legend of the country. He was an outlaw, a thief, or a dedicated family man, depending on how you look at it. A major motion picture was made of his life! What a fantastic tamper this is! This figure was carved so that it is exactly the same on both sides. Rob Roy stands atop the tamp foot like a gladiator with his broad sword drawn and his targe on his arm. Under is feet is a banner that reads Rob Roy. You can even make out the feather in his bonnet and his plaid blowing in the wind. This is a very nice hefty tamper to hold in your fingers and is balanced in its proportions. This piece is sure to please you when you use it to tamp the tobacco into your pipe.  The pipe tamper stands 2 and 1/2 inches high including the base.  Good base size for most pipes.

 Gentleman's Leg

Breeches or Breeks (Scots) were pants ending just below the knee--thus commonly referred to as knee breeches. They were commonly worn from the late 16th century until the early 19th century, most men and boys wore breeches as their lower body garment. Through the centuries breeches were seen in many forms and lengths. In the early 18th century breeches were barely seen beneath long waistcoats and coats. By the mid-18th century they were more noticeable beneath shorter waistcoats and open coats, and so the cut of breeches became tighter and revealed the shape of the leg.   This handsome gent's leg tamper shows off a good bit of leg!  This leg walked into our lives all the way from the UK.  We made a mold of a period tamp we purchased from an English antiquarian. This pipe tamper stands two and 1/4 inches high or long however you look at it. This tamper is timeless and so great to use!   Good base size for most pipes.

HMS Victory Sailing Ship

Here we have a noble sailing ship tamper! The HMS Victory's keel was laid July 23rd 1759 - No 2 Dock, Chatham Dockyard. She is the only remaining 18th century ship of the line anywhere in the world.  She remains the oldest serving warship still to be in commission - she retains her own Captain, officers and crew - and flies the flag of the Second Sea Lord, Commander in Chief Naval Home Command. This ship took part in the American Revolutionary War!  Any seaman or landlover will enjoy using this seaworthy tamper! Good base size for most pipes.

Small Samual Pickwick

Pickwick, Samuel ( Pickwick Papers ) Retired businessman and founder and chairman of the Pickwick Club. Pickwick, along with his friends, Tupman, Snodgrass, and Winkle and his servant, Sam Weller, travel around England in search of adventure. Pickwick is one Dickens most loved characters and his story propelled Dickens to literary stardom.  This is a whimsical and handy little tamp.  It looks flat here but it is carved in 3-D and is wonderfully detailed!    He is so very John Bull! Hail Britainia!  Light up a bowl and enjoy a piece of history.  Good base size for most pipes.

 Cambridge Cane Top Tamper

The antique pipe tamper the mold was made from for this dapper tamp was unearthed in Ely, Cambridge England, Birthplace of Oliver Cromwell.   We purchased this from the gentleman who found it and named it for the district it was discovered in.  It's a real beauty and has  timeless apeal.  This tamp is fantastic to use and every pipe smoker should have one of these!  We believe this design is from the Georgian period. This handsome piece is 2 inches tall.  This tamper has a broad base and is best for a larger clay bowl or briar. It is too large for tiny 17th Century pipes or the small 19th Century clays.  

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