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Rogues Gallery

Pete (Fuzz)

I like the Blues and some Folk.
"Do unto others as they do to you."


Hi folks, I'm going against my generation, I don't listen to rap or techno.
My main interest is blues music, especially acoustic. I gladly listen to
english folk and traditional tunes. I've been playing the guitar for ten
years and lately I have turned to guitar making. I built a lap steel guitar
and I'm working on other acoustic guitars. That way I can play what I love
on instruments that I made.

Sylvia (gi gi)

My name is Sylvia, I am from France... I like music, especially blues, but not only Blues, all what is good and in my taste to hear, rock, acoustic folk ... I discover everyday new artists, and it is fun. Another hobby is riding my cycle, just for pleasure.

Lenie  (Quibus )
The Netherlands

Susan (Kwibus)
The Netherlands

Bob (Lighthouse451)


Amine ( God Fearing Man)

Hello I'm Amine , from Algeria.  I love blues, rock, folk, and all music that means something.  Everytime I am  lookin for music I discover every day a lot of new artists.  I love playin guitar, and listenin to my favourite music, or just chattin in ft...

Steve (martymofongo)



Poida-12 (Pete)

Gday all. I live in sunny Queensland, Brisbane and am an electrician by trade. I have two daughters from a previous marriage and am engaged again(hopefully better luck the second time around). I'm relatively new to the computer world, about 4 years now. I got my computer because I'd heard about Napster and thought it was a great idea. I started collecting (on a 56k) rock music from the 70's and early 80's, stuff you just couldn't buy anymore. Then, about 18 months ago, a friend reawakened my interest in folk by giving me some Corries to listen to and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. I'm a huge fan of traditional Irish and Scottish but will listen to anything recommended. I am in awe of some of the lists around and would like to say a huge Thank You to Ancient Mariner(Harold) for letting me know about filetopia. Far different from open nap, where I was after Napster with the people here being very friendly and helpful, in particular Ancient Mariner, Haggis and Axabum. I'm not much of a talker but am looking forward to knowing you all a little better.

Robey (Otter420)
 I'm 34 years old and like all folk music, bob marley is one of my favorites. I play drums and guitar.
 I also think cat stevens got a bad rap!    I have worked as a rodie and played for allot of groups.
 I like to teach djembe to kids too.  

 Piper50( Lou)

 My name is Lou (Louise). I am from the East Coast of Australia. Music is a big part of my life,
 particularly English/Irish/Scottish traditional and Aussie bush music.  I play accordion,
concertina and sing.

Alba100 (Dan)

Donal (Donal)


Seashantee( Drago)

I am a Croatian fan of traditional folk music. I am highly devoted to my "North Country Maid" and therefore to English, Scottish, Welsh, Breton, Galician, American, Australian and Canadian Celtic music, especially Gaelic native, and some bluegrass.  I am desperately waiting for Gaelic bluegrass to be invented!

Esteban (Fabian Esteban)

Roel (Halewijn)
The Netherlands

Smoking Joe  (Teejoo)
The Netherlands

Mike France (fleetwood101)
United Kingdom

Hi, I run a local folk club, which is mainly a performers club
- it has been known to have fewer people for a guest night than a sing
 around. I look mainly for songs which might at some time in the future
 be performed by me and my partner, he usually plays guitar whilst I
 play an indian harmonium but we have been known to use mandolin,
bousuki or banjo in the act, occaisionally we are joined by a friend
who plays Uke.

Belladona (Lucia)
I was born and live in:
(Old) Hampshire
I have a daughter (Nina) and a son (Nicholas) 23 and 17 respectively.
I have a Rescue cat, Suki (Choc Point Tabby Siamese).
I am Aquarian and single!
Hobbies include: Music - esp. Traditional English Folk/Folk Rock - two of my favorite singers are Martyn Wyndham-Read & Nic Jones.
My friends in Folk Fans have kept me going during my worst times.

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