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Prayer for Protection

   Tend Thou us to the cot and the fold,
    Sain us beneath Thine own glorious mantle;
         Thou Shield of protection, guard us for ever.

    Be Thou a hard triumphant glave
    To shield us securely from wicked hell,
    From the fiends and from the stieve snell gullies,
         And from the lurid smoke of the abyss.

    Be my soul in the trustance of the High King,
    Be Michael the powerful meeting my soul.


    Iomain fein sinn do chleidh's do chaimir,
    Seun sinn fo do bhrot riomhach reidh;
         A Sgeith dhidinn, dion ri 'r mairionn.

    Bi-sa do chlaidheamh cruaidh, cosgarra,
    Chon sinne dhion a irinn arrais,
    Bho fhigeirich is bho fheadaine frinne fuara,
         'S bho dheathach ruadh an aigeil.

    M' anam an urrachd an Ard Righ,
    Micheil murrach an comhdhail m' anama

We hope you enjoyed this and go to the site where you can sample many of these ancient prayers and incantations.  Very special thanks to A' Chiste Ghaidhlig for this material.

Peace and Joy to you and yours- Beth Maxwell Boyle

Collected in the Highlands of Scotland and

Translated by Alexander Carmichael from the Gaelic