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God Guide Me


Dhe stiuir mi le d' ghliocas
Dhe smachd mi le d' cheartas,
Dhe foir mi le d' throcair,
Dhe comh'n mi le d' chumhachd.

Dhe lion mi le da lanachd,
Dhe dion mi le d' sgaileachd,
Dhe lion mi le d' ghrasachd,
Air sgath do Mhic Unga.

Iosa Criosda a shiol Dhaibhidh,
Fear-tathaich an teampuill,
Uan-iobairt a gharaidh,
A bhasaich air mo shon.

Collectedted in the Highlands of Scotland and

Translated by Alexander Carmichael from the Gaelic

"No one owns God. It's absurd how so many groups and individuals think they do.
On the other hand, if one is diametrically opposed to the concept of answering to a higher power
and one thinks of God as a threat there is a very good chance one will not see God
 even when His presence is obvious to others."  -BM Boyle