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The Gifts of the Three


Spirit, give me of Thine abundance
Father, give me of Thy wisdom,
Son, give me in my need,
Jesus beneath the shelter of Thy shield.

I lie down to-night,
With the Triune of my strength,
With the Father, with Jesus,
With the Spirit of might.


Spioraid tiubhair dhomh do phailteas
Athair, tiubhair dhomh do ghliocas,
Mhic, tiubhair dhomh na m' airceas,
Iosa fo fhasga do sgeith.

Laigheam sios a nochd,
Le Trithinn mo neart,
Le Athair, le Iosa,
Le Spiorad nam feart.

Collectedted in the Highlands of Scotland and

Translated by Alexander Carmichael from the Gaelic

Sanctify - Come Holy Spirit

by Annie Karto

'Feuch air fear coimhead Israil
       Cadal chan aom no suain.'

   (The Shepherd that keeps Israel
     He slumbers not nor sleeps.)