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Prayer in the Midst of the Storm

Prayer in the Midst of the Storm

O God, make speed to save us.

We have sinned, O Lord, we have sinned, spare our sins,

And save us; Thou who guidedst Noah over the flood waves,

Hear us; Who with Thy word recalledst Jonah from the abyss;

Deliver us; Who stretchedst forth Thy hand to Peter as he sank, help us,

O Christ Son of God, Thou didst the marvelous things of the Lord with our fathers, be favourable in our days also;

Stretch forth Thy hand from on high.

Deliver us, O Christ.

Hear us, O Christ.

-Stowe Missal, 9th Century A.D.

'Feuch air fear coimhead Israil
       Cadal chan aom no suain.'

   (The Shepherd that keeps Israel
     He slumbers not nor sleeps.)